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China 14.2mm Wide Band Constant Torque Clamps

14.2mm Wide Band Constant Torque Clamps

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  1. Constant Torque Clamps
  2. 14.2mm Wide Band made from 301 Stainless Steel
  3. 5/16" Hex Head Screw made from 410 Stainless Steel or Zinc-Plated Steel
  4. Breeze Aero HKFK Constant Torque Clamps
  5. Ideal Flex-Gear Clamps
  6. Constant Tension Clamps
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Flex-Gear Clamps US$ 1.2piece

1.Unique design eliminate " cold flow leaks".2.Extended inner liner protects hose from damage.keep consistent sealing pressure.

Constant Torque Clamps

Constant Tension Clamps
Breeze, Norma, Ideal, Dixon Valve Quality
9/16" (14.2mm) Wide Band

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