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Hose Clamps

Lined Hose Clamps US$ 0.35-0.5piece

Lined Hose Clamp
9/16" wide band
All Stainless Steel
Silicone Hose Clamps

Turn Key Hose Clamps

1. Easy to install and remove without tools required
2. Resuable
2. good parts for automotive and garden hose

Turn Key Hose Clamps US$ 0.5piece

Turn Key Hose Clamps
Easy installation and removal without any tools such as screwdriver or wrench

Miniature Hose Clamps US$ 0.15piece

1. Excellent used to fix small diameter hoses 2.Easy installation 3.Low cost

Thumbscrew Hose Clamps US$ 0.4piece

E-Z Clamps
1. Easy to install and remove without tools required
2. Resuable
2. good parts for automotive and garden hose

Automotive Hose Clamps DIN3017 9AHC US$ 0.05piece

Automotive Hose Clamps
9mm wide band,rolled band
Popular materials: W2,430SS Band & Housing, plated steel screw

Solid Band Hose Clamps US$ 0.35piece

Solid Band Hose Clamps
1.Non-perforated Band
2.Rohs Zinc-Plated
3.Good Polished.
4.Excellent Torque.

Galvanized Hose Clamps

Galvanized Hose Clamps
W1: All Galvanized Steel or Iron Steel
Taiwan Quality
Low Price

Double Wire Hose Clamps US$ 0.5piece

Double Wire Hose Clamps:Applications:Agricultural, Automotive. HVAC, Irrigation, General Industry,suited to soft hoses

Double Bolts Hose Clamps US$ 1.2piece

Double Bolts Hose Clamp
Heavy Duty European Style
Solid Nuts
Unitary Clamp
20mm or 24mm wide band

All Stainless Hose Clamps,1/2" Band US$ 0.24piece

1. All Stainless 2.Heavy Duty 3. SAE J1508 TYPE F 4.Stainless Steel Worm Gear Hose Clamps

Quick Release Hose Clamps,9/16" Bandwidth US$ 0.85piece

1.Surface: Black Power Coating
2.100% quality good guaranteed
3.9/16" Bandwidth, WDB56SAE Series

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps for Pool & Spa Accessorries US$ 0.18-0.25piece

Hose Clamps
Swimming Pool hardware
100% Stainless Steel
Worm Gear Drive Clamps

Constant Torque Hose Clamps US$ 1.2piece

1.Breeze Constant Torque Clamps 2.5/8" Wide Band 2.Unique design eliminate " cold flow leaks".2.Extended inner liner

Pretty American Hose Clamps US$ 0.08piece

1.Stainless Steel Miniature Worm Gear Hose Clamps 2.Excellent used to fix small hoses,tube 3.Easy installation 4.Low cost

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