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Hose Clip

W3 Worm Drive Clamps US$ 0.05piece

Worm Drive Non-Perforated Band Clamps
9mm &12mm wide band
DIN3017, W1,W2,W3,W4,W5

German type hose clamp US$ 0.04-0.05piece

German type hose clamp
Worm drive, DIN3017
W2: Band & housing made from stainless steel, screw: plated steel

Ventilation Duct Fan Pipe Worm Drive Clamps

Adjustable Hose Clamps
9mm Wide Non-perforated Band
Applications: Solid Ducting,Duct Fittings, Ventilation, Exhaust Fans

Mini Clamps US$ 0.1piece

1. Excellent used to fix small diameter hoses 2.Easy installation 3.Low cost

Micro Gear Clamps US$ 0.15piece

1.5/16"(8mm Wide Band) 2.Low Profile Housing 3.Used in Narrow and Confined Areas 4.SAE J 1508 Type M 5.Low cost

Worm Drive Clamps for Ducting Vents Accesorries

Easy to install and quick release
Ideal Ventilation and Ducting Accessories

Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamps,1/2" Band US$ 0.1piece

1. Rohs Zinc-plated 2. Excellent quality 3. Good free torque and excellent max. torque 4. Low Cost

American Type Hose Clamp

American type hose clamp
1. Easy to use
2. Excellent torque
3. High quality
4. All SAE Sizes Available

Bridge Clamps

Bridge Clamps
1/2" Wide Band
304 SS
Offset Hose Clamps bridge the spiral helix to provide an effective clamp and seal

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